On Wednesday, January 23, 2019 FARLEY KEITH WILLIAMS AKA FARLEY JACKMASTER FUNK “THE KING OF HOUSE MUSIC” received the honor of recognition of his participation in House Music by the Cook County Commissioners of the Cook County, Illinois.

The resolution reads as: PROPOSED RESOLUTION IN CELEBRATION OF THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF FARLEY KEITH WILLIAMS AKA FARLEY JACKMASTER FUNK “THE KING OF HOUSE MUSIC” WHEREAS, the members of the Cook County Board of Commissioners; wishes to recognize the outstanding years of sustainability of house music by Farley “Jackmaster Funk” Keith Williams; and WHEREAS, Farley Keith Williams was born on January 25, 1962 on the southside of Chicago. He is the father of 3 children, a grandfather, and husband to his wife of 14 years; and WHEREAS, Farley worked for his father’s dry-cleaning business from 1969 – 1972 and was bitten by the music bug from his brothers playing James Brown to Aretha Franklin, because he loved the early soul and funk days while growing up; and WHEREAS, at the age of twelve Farley began DJing small parties in the basement, and at block clubs with friends. Soon after, Farley received an opportunity to play music for adults while standing on top of milk cartons. They enjoyed it so much that they paid him; and WHEREAS, in 1981 Farley first made his name broadcasting on Chicago’s WBMX-FM as a member of the Hot Mix 5 DJ Team, which included Ralphi “The Razz” Rosario, Kenny “Jammin” Jason, Mickey “Mixin” Oliver, and Scot “Smokin” Seals; and WHEREAS, Farley appeared at the legendary Warehouse nightclub, and was a resident DJ of the club Playground; and WHEREAS, Farley was known as Farley Keith, or Farley “Funkin” Keith until 1984, when he adopted the name Farley “Jackmaster” Funk; and WHEREAS, Farley was the first DJ in history to introduce House Music on the radio in 1984 thus breaking the sound to millions of listeners daily, and every Friday & Saturday night on the radio station WBMX 102.7 FM with the widely popular Hot Mix 5 radio multicultural DJ group; and WHEREAS, in 1985, Farley’s power in house music was so strong that he left WBMX (now known as V103 radio) to go to the revival station WGCI that was number 10 in the market, and start another DJ team called the Jack master 5 which took that station to #1. He soon found himself back at WBMX a year later, as he was the most requested DJ for his incredible House Music programming; and WHEREAS, the first house single to reach the charts was recorded by seminal Chicago DJ and producer, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk. In 1986 his song hit the Top Ten chart “Love Can’t Turn Around” featuring the incredible voice of the late Darryl Pandy, with the production team of Jesse Sanders and Vince Lawrence. Ironically, not in his home country but in the U.K., he also became one of the biggest names in Chicago house; and WHEREAS, Farley was the first DJ/Producer known around the globe for bringing this form of music to the shores of England in 1986, thus putting House Music on the map and paving the way for others around the world; and WHEREAS, in 1986 Farley became a DMC Winner (The World DJ Championship in Britain); and WHEREAS, 1987 was a pivotal year in Chicago’s short but sweet house music scene. Promoters were beginning to throw big tent parties at hotels, theaters, and more adult clubs like Club LaRay, C.O.D., Medusa’s, and A.K.A. where Farley began to spin house music; and WHEREAS, prior to landing on top of all the European Charts, he created the very first house music record label House Records to define the lifestyle and sound of house music. He followed up with other hit songs (like House Nation and Acid Life) and a host of over 20 hit Records which was around the summer of love era (a name given to a period in the United Kingdom during the rise of Acid House Music and Rave Parties). Some of Farley’s top 10 hits where under several pseudo names that he recorded, AKA House Master Boys, Farley Funkin Keith and some were top secret; and WHEREAS, Farley was the first House Music DJ/Producer ever to receive the Brit Award (Equivalent to the Grammy’s in Europe) which beat out Janet Jackson as he was recognized for revolutionizing the sound of Dance Music; and WHEREAS, Farley, had many big tunes including ‘Jack My Body’, ‘Hey Norton’, ‘The Trax U Lost’ and most famously, ‘House Nation’; and WHEREAS, Farley has created countless opportunities of employment for young men who see DJing as a way of supporting their families. Many who have now made a name for themselves in the music industry. He continues to be a formidable force of today, with a musical career spanning three decades; and WHEREAS, Farley is currently still mixing on V103 radio thus making him the longest running House Music DJ/Producer to be on the radio. His program time begins at 11:45pm every Friday night. With this fact, he’s awaiting confirmation to set a Guinness Book of World’s records; and WHEREAS, in December of 2013, Farley is the only DJ/Producer who was inducted into the U.S. Dance Music Hall of Fame twice; for his work and with his Hot Mix 5 Radio DJ team; and WHEREAS, in 2017 Farley was honored with the Brandueatte Lifetime Achievement Award in Malaysia, during one of his DJ sets while on an Asian Tour; and WHEREAS, in 2018 Farley is the first DJ to make history during the Universoul Circus 25th year anniversary celebration as he opened up and introduced a House Music Day Festival, while unveiling plans to have the International House Music Museum and Hall of Fame (IHMMHF) to be constructed here as Chicago is now known as the House Music Capitol of the world; and WHEREAS, May 02 is deemed as Farley “Jackmaster” Funk Day in the city of Chicago. Every year Farley looks forward to giving back to his childhood community by being a part of the 79th street Renaissance Festival; and WHEREAS, Farley’s dedication to the Genre of house music shall be shared publicly among his, friends, family, and the community; and THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the President and members of the Cook County Board of Commissioners that Cook County shall congratulate the legendary Farley “Jackmaster” Funk Keith Williams on his many years of success; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution is spread upon the permanent record of Proceedings of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, and that a suitable copy of this resolution be prepared and liamster” and to his wife who was harts was recorded by seminal presented to Farley “Jackmaster” Funk Keith Williams…. (Cook County Resolution 19-0740)

Author: robwaite