27 years ago today on March 2, 1992 the House Music community lost a legend and founder of one of the most iconic sounds and genres known today.

At only 33 years old Ron Hardy passed away due to a struggling addiction with heroin that he did not manage to overcome.

Hardy began his career in Chicago in 1974 at a gay club Den One. As many Dj’s have, Hardy began playing music with two turntables and a mixer, one addition to his tools was a reel-to-reel tape deck, which very few utilized for this role as Dj.

At the end of 1982 Ron Hardy began to DJ at Warehouse working for the club owner Robert Williams until Williams renamed the club to “The Muzic Box.”

Due to Hardy’s early death, his legacy began to fade off as newer and younger fans of this underground sound called House Music were only being show to still vibrant House Music poster-child Frankie Knuckles.

Over the years Hardy’s devoted fans continued to share his stories and help the world of old remember and the world new to this inspiring sound know who Ron Hardy was and continues to mean to House Music.

One of Hardy’s devoted followers Derek Jones, is a well known Producer and DJ who talks a bout who Ron Hardy was to him.

Author: robwaite