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Chicagoland DJ/Producer Rexx Racer

has a couple new tracks on his Soundcloud page. You may know Rexx Racer from some of his past releases like Dance Storm feat. Ung-Kel Huud released on Plain Face Music label and DrummerBoy Rexx released on Ghetto Rhythm Composers.

(Rexx Racer, Facebook, 2020)

These latest tracks may just take you back a bit to a younger moment in time. A time of your cartoon watching years, “which for some may be a current time but, there’s nothing wrong with that”. If you have ever watched the beloved cat and mouse duo, Tom and Jerry, with their love/hate relationship. You may also heard some of the multiple types of music introduced within the episodes, from classical orchestration, to country, and even some R&B. These all bring back so many memories for me as I am sure it does for so many of you too. Rexx Racer has taken a couple of these long remembered favorites and added a much loved House beat to them making them Housetastic.


Bad To Da Crambone by Rexx Racer, was influenced from Tom and Jerry’s (1955) episode #96, where Jerry Mouse has an uncle, “Pecos” voiced by (Shug Fisher) come through to his place while on tour and always seem to have issue with trying to complete one particular song, “Crambone”. Rexx’s verison of this old classic has a slower more mellow feeling behind it and supported with that much loved House vibe.

Rexx Racer states, “This classic was touched by a challenge issued by Dj Flint of Halsted Street Entertainment. Challenge accepted and completed!”. (Rexx Racer, 2021)


Iz You Iz Or Iz You Aint My Baby by Rexx Racer, is yet another Tom and Jerry inspired favorite from the 1946 episode #108. In this episode Tom Cat is trying to serenade a lady cat, by singing the song Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby written by Louis Jordan and Billy Austin, while playing a double bass. Rexx Racer’s version of this long time favorite has a more up beat feeling with the House music vibe.

Rexx Race has always amazed me with his DJ style and choice of selection when he throws down during his sets. Just as his production styles have always equally astonished me and given me a groove and vibe feeling like very few. I believe this is what makes a producer great, when they can stand out from all of the rest and be on a level of their own. I’m sure many like myself can’t wait to see, and hear what Rexx Racer has in store for us next.