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The Team / Page 2

Angie Pat

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Luiz Fueggo

A 52 year old Hispanic DJ, with a ridiculous enthusiasm for House Music …especially Beats and Noises ! “If you don’t grow up by the time you reach age 50 …You don’t have to”    Luiz Fueggo

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Mr. Tony Technics

Mr. Tony Technics began DJing in 1997. Born and raised in the birthplace of House Music, Mr. Tony Technics Love for music began when he had listened to House Music DJs on the FM dial, from the Hot Mix 5 to the MixMasters and the local DJs. Mr. Tony Technics began producing and remixing songs […]

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Chris Lara

Chris Lara – a Chicago DJ has been featured in various events throughout the city, such as Brunchlox and Tribe, showcasing the best of House Music and Hip-hop. He is also the co-chair of House of Sol, the House Music DJ stage at the annual Fiesta del Sol festival, the largest Latino festival in the […]

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Rose Red

Hailing from the house music mecca of Chicago, RoseRed was drawn to music from a very young age. Swayed by a variety of sounds that included latin music, jazz, disco, R&B, gospel , and pop it is no surprise that when she was first exposed to house music as a teen she fell in love. […]

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