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Chris Lara

Chris Lara – a Chicago DJ has been featured in various events throughout the city, such as Brunchlox and Tribe, showcasing the best of House Music and Hip-hop. He is also the co-chair of House of Sol, the House Music DJ stage at the annual Fiesta del Sol festival, the largest Latino festival in the Midwest. Chris is also the founder and host of Chicago House Scene Radio Show, a podcast featuring inspirational stories of Chicago DJs and producers such as Shmoo and DSC. 
Growing up in the predominantly Mexican neighborhood of Pilsen in Chicago, Chris always had the latest DJ mix tapes. Those mix tapes enclosed the music created by the pioneers of Chicago House Music such as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Frankie Knuckles, Cajmere, DJ Sneak, CZR, Chip E., Paul Johnson, and many more. Chris Lara’s music went from a private hobby to a musical experience from an early age given his desire to connect and share with all House-heads and Hip-hop lovers.