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Ron Tinsley

Born and raised in Chicago, grew up on mostly R&B and Disco but always had an open interest in other varieties of music genres. House Music grew on me and stuck to me like my skin and runs through me like the blood in my veins.

I first learned how to mix/blend when I was 12 and at the age of 13 spun my first set at my 13th birthday party. In 2011 with on deployment overseas I played my first adult set in Hong Kong China at a small local bar. The second set was the next night at the Hard Rock Cafe also in Hong Kong. I went on to play another set when we ported in Guam as well. While stationed in Southern California I made mix cd’s trying to get me name established. In April of this year I played on Blue Moon Media’s internet Radio station and have since been invited to play on 2-3 other internet radio shows as well. House Music is not a class of music it’s 💯% spiritual.

I’ve been living/stationed in Maryland (IndianHead) for 2 yrs now ( since May of 2012). I’ve been a active Duty Marine for 18 1/2 years. My inspiration in House Music begins with my parents and there love for the Disco and R & B hits of the 70’s and 80’s, as well as my cousin Ted Bailey as well as the legendary House Dj’s of Chicago as well has the house music radio stations of Chicago every Friday and Saturday nights.
You can also check me out every Friday night on Phillynitesradio,com at 10pm EST/9PM CST
MY EPK has all my info on dates & links where you can see what im up to at
Check out my mobile app choose the app that is right for your mobile phone & download for FREE at