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Mr. Tony Technics

Mr. Tony Technics began DJing in 1997. Born and raised in the birthplace of House Music, Mr. Tony Technics Love for music began when he had listened to House Music DJs on the FM dial, from the Hot Mix 5 to the MixMasters and the local DJs. Mr. Tony Technics began producing and remixing songs in February of 2014 with his first release entitled, Chi-Shots, which was a sample of a Disco Track. Mr. Tony Technics has released a lot of his tracks on his own label, SoulJack Digital Recordings, along on other labels such as: Turtle Wax Records, DubStar Recordings, Groove Foundation Recordings, LookBook Recordings, Miggedy Entertainment and NuMonkey Records.

If you are interested in signing one of my tracks, please feel free to personally contact me at or if you are interested in releasing on our label, please send your demos to: