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Rob “RTW’ Waite

DJ RTW (or Rob Waite) is a disc jockey (DJ) from Chicago, Illinois US who plays an assortment of house music, as well as other electronic and dance music.

Being raised by a family who enjoyed all types of music from rock and roll, to blues, classical, and ethnic cultural music, he then became influenced by the underground scene during the Chicago house music movement towards the late 1980’s

He began experimenting with mixing music in 1989 and Idolized Chicago’s Hot Mix 5, WBMX and the House music sound. He then began to DJ under the name DJ Hyper as it was a life style.  Playing mostly at house parties and family and friends events, DJ Hyper always enjoyed helping people enjoy themselves through the music he played.

In 2004 he began DJing on his own radio shown (Ground Zero) on 88.9FM in Chicago and created the group Chicago Grove Masters with two of his friends John Smokin’ Acosta, and Dazzlin’ Dave.  In 2008 he left his radio show to go back to school and continue my education for his family.

In 2013 He couldn’t give up his passion of music and returned to radio at 88.9FM with (Ground Zero radio). Returning to his passion he began working even harder to get his sound out and began working with Artist’s/Djs such as Mickey MIxin Oliver, Curtis McClain  and  Derek Smokin Jones to name a few.

In 2014 He changed his DJ name to DJ RTW as he attempted to Reach The World in the hope to let everyone Feel the Vibe and feel a better moment in their lives not only through his radio show but as well as his entertainment organization, Reaching The World entertainment, Ltd.

In 2016 DJ RTW felt that with these changes a new change needed to happen so he had created a new radio show (Da’ Booth).  As the show moved on the idea for a new house music group came about and he began Da’ Booth Mix 6.